Shogun Robe Features Killer Looks

February 6, 2008


The Shogun robe is limited edition. Only 30 are being made and each will go for about $500.

“Shogun” is the name of the collaboration between young, innovative design studio Form Us With Love and prestige manufacturer of cotton terry, Pellevävare. The result is a limited edition of 30 exclusive robes of terry strategically reinforced with cotton canvas. “The inspiration derives from the Japanese medieval warriors and their protective outfits. We wanted the user to feel like a general, stepping out of bed, putting on his weekend uniform and start plotting strategies for the day.

I managed to ninja my way into the warehouse and steal one, and I'd like to think I look better than that pasty Martin Sheen lookalike in the picture. The robe definitely helps me get in the mood to "start plotting strategies for the day". This morning I woke up, planned a sneak attack on a bunch of pancakes, and utterly destroyed them. Then I proceeded to prepare for a much more difficult battle -- a platoon of Wild Turkey. I'm halfway through and I'm afraid I'm losing the fight. I can't see straight anymore and I think I cut myself with a steak knife trying to stab the bottle.

Several more closeups of the robe after the jump.




Shogun - Form Us With Love [notcot]

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