Say Hello To My Little Friend: The Spice Gun

February 5, 2008


The spice gun, designed by Zhu Fei, holds three different spices and will blast them onto your food.

The Spice Gun is different from the other casters, it has more fun! When you pull the trigger it compresses the air in the air bag. The handspike will push the bottom of the seasoning bottle to make the nozzle in the turntable retract and spray the seasoning.
And it looks like a little gun, awesome! I don't know about using a compressed air spice dispenser, but I'll give it a go. Sure brings new meaning to (here it comes!) pepper spray. Ho ho, that was funny. What a knee slapper! Just kidding. I'm actually going to start drinking until I forget I ever wrote that. Then I can wake up tomorrow morning and actually respect myself. Unless I sleep with another dog like I did over the weekend. No literally, a dog. God I'm f***ed up.

dining in 2015 contest [designboom]

Thanks to Melissa, who gives me a reason to wake up every morning, for the tip

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