Revolving Door Energy Harvester Concept

February 8, 2008


The Revolution Door from Fluxlab is a revolving door that would create energy via generator. Apparently the idea for such a device is old, and the implementation is difficult because weaklings already have enough trouble with revolving doors due to the seal created and their lack of hot, sweaty, rippling muscularity. However it was designed as more of a conceptual piece to get people thinking.

By mechanically harvesting a negligible amount of human energy and converting it to a tangible display through the use of a generator, the Revolution Door will directly communicate a single person's contribution to an energy cycle possible through the metabolic relationship between people, technology, and architecture.

I have no idea what that meant but I vehemently object to the part about people having relationships with technology and architecture. That's just wrong. I mean sure I humped a photocopier at an office party, but I was drunk and didn't even call it the next day. So it doesn't count. And neither does my brief fling with the Chrysler building.

A diagram of how the door is constructed after the turn.


Revolving Door Generates Energy, Maybe [treehugger]

Thanks to Sebastian, who can make doors open just by thinking about it, for the tip

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