Rear-View Mirror Features Video Recorder

February 7, 2008


Sure police have had dash mounted cameras forever, so what makes the Rear-view Mirror Digital Video Recorder so special? Um, you see, it's, uh, inside the rear-view mirror and records traffic in case of an accident. Okay, you got me, I don't really care about it. I posted this because those two chicks in the backseat are totally about to make out. Who needs a traffic camera when you've got that kind of action in your own backseat? Not this guy. If I was there I would have ripped the mirror-cam off and jumped in the backseat quicker than you could say "who's driving the car?"

A MUST SEE video of an accident recorded with the camera after the jump. Call me crazy, but the person driving the car seems like they were trying to get in an accident. First they cut off the car in the intersection, then sped like a bat out of hell.

Digital Video Recording Rear View Mirror [ubergizmo]

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