Rejected Star Wars Promotional Products

February 15, 2008


There are tons of Star Wars products out there. Some are cool (like the LEGO sets) and some are less cool (like the lightsaber lamp). Well a long time ago (1999) in a galaxy far away (fine, the Milky Way) Pepsi and Luscasarts brainstormed a bunch of Star Wars promotional products. And these, my friends, are the rejects. There's everything here from the Han Solo carbonite fridge to a Death Star grill to an AT-AT Walker chair caddy. Check out the jump to see them all. And while Princess Leia lifesize dolls may exist, I was kind of hoping for a Darth Vader one. You know, so I could fulfill a naughty fantasy punch him in the mouth.

All the failed products after the jump.






Star Wars Rejected Promotional Crap Could Have Changed the Universe Forever [gizmodo]

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