PS3 Rainbox Six Mod Is A Little Las Vegas

February 7, 2008


This PS3 console diorama was created by German modder Butterkneter for a special UbiSoft Rainbow Six Vegas promotion. As you can see it's a little mock up of Las Vegas casinos. It looks good, but takes up a lot of room. I don't think that would fit in my entertainment stand. Besides, where are the hookers? No Las Vegas diorama is complete without a couple scantily clad streetwalkers. Like Sparkles and Ginger, who both treated me really well the last time I was there ;)

Honey -- if you're reading this that was just a joke. I really was at the convention the whole time, I didn't even have time to gamble (snicker) let alone visit prostitutes. Seriously, I swear.

Sparkles and Ginger -- You owe me for the free advertising.

A couple more pictures of the mod after the jump.



ps3 rainbox six vegas casemod [technabob]

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