Bedu Emergency Kits Are Barrel Shaped

February 20, 2008


Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kits allegedly contain everything you need to survive in a crisis zone. The kit, designed by Toby McInnes, includes "a tent, storage annex, photovoltaic strip tarpaulin/blanket, multifuel stove, lighting rig, tool kit, medical kit, water filtration system, generator and battery pack and emergency radio." These sound like a great idea. My only problem is the picture they're using. That does not look like a crisis zone. Where are the zombies and monsters? People do not wave to the camera in crisis zones. And what the hell is up with that Roman pillar in the back? You see it? The one next to the giant weed plant.

Another picture after the drop.


Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit Puts Everything You Need to Survive a Crisis in an Oil Drum [gizmodo]

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