Cat Armor Is Awesome, My Cat Wants Some

February 8, 2008


Jeff de Boer is an artist that believes that cats would look way more awesome if they were wearing some freaking armor. And he's totally right. He's been making armor for animals since the 90's, and started with protective gear for mice (see pictures after jump). He then moved on to his line of cat battle gear, and I've got to say, it looks great. I've got one cat in particular that would look great in these get-ups. His name is Tiny, but we call him the terrorist or Shitty Bill. He would totally rock the hell out of the neighborhood cats if we gave him a suit like this. Of course then the little bastard would probably turn on me and kill me in my sleep. So I'm just going to make him cardboard armor instead. If he's lucky he may get a tinfoil helmet, but definitely no lance.

UPDATE: Shitty Bill cried until I promised him a lance. So I guess I'll make him one out out of a broomstick or something.

UPDATE: Jesus, now he wants a mount to ride.

UPDATE: Tied him to the dog. They look great, totally ready for battle.

A bunch more pictures along with a link to the whole gallery after the jump.






Jeff de Boer's Cats And Mice Gallery

Thanks to Sebastian, whose sword is swift and deadly, for the tip

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