Portable XBox 360 Elite Laptop Is Legit

February 5, 2008


Benjamin Heckendorn aka Ben Heck has done it again, this time modding an Elite laptop to include an XBox 360.

The portable Xbox 360 features a Halo 3 theme, and is based on the Elite’s internals. Under the hood, the laptop offers a 120GB hard drive, the new 65nm CPU, and a special direct DMI-to-DVI connection which keeps the video signal digital all the way to the laptop’s ample 17-inch LCD screen.

It also has a built-in Xbox Live camera and is pretty much the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. So Ben, I was thinking maybe sometime you and I could get together and hang out. You know, shoot the bull, maybe watch you build me one of these. Of course I'd pay for it. And by pay for it I mean convince my sister to sleep with you.

A couple more pictures, a video, and a link to Ben's build page after the jump.



Ben's Build Page
xbox 360 elite laptop: ben heck is at it again

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