Poor Thing: Sports Car Has Identity Crisis

February 1, 2008


Apparently Rinspeed developed this vehicle long before their sQuba car, but it's just making its rounds on the internet, so here it is. The Splash is a little sports car (0-60 in 5.9) that, with the push of a button, turns into a little hydrofoil boat capable of 45 knots (~52 mph). It's powered by natural gas and there's no word on price or if they're even available. I really admire Rinspeed for their multipurpose vehicles, but it seems they can't think outside the land/water box. Try this one on for size Rinspeed - the Blastoff. It's a car and a rocketship. You can drive it to work or the freaking moon. It's got wheels and an engine like a car, but it also has hyper-thrusters and all that space technology stuff too. Yeah, and it's modeled after an old El Camino. Is that specific enough to secure a patent? I don't want anybody stealing my idea.

Another picture and a video after the jump.


Rinspeed Splash Sports Car Walks On Water [gizmodo]

Thanks to Anthony, who loves fast cars and beautiful women, for the tip

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