Oh Yeah!: Customize Your Own Lightsaber

February 6, 2008


As this guy, or anybody over at the NY Jedi Academy will tell you, a true Jedi needs their own custom lightsaber. And swinging around a spraypainted fluorescent bulb just doesn't cut it (as much as I want it to). Enter the Force FX Lightsaber Construction Set. As you can see it comes with a variety of different parts so you can mix-and-match your own custom blade. You even get to choose the color of the light, thanks to the tri-color LEDs. It plays authentic sound effects from the movie and you can score one at Amazon for $100. But be careful, because the print there in the lower right corner specifically states "product specifications & colors subject to change". So if you open the box and find your lightsaber has been replaced with a karaoke machine, don't say I didn't warn you.

build your own lightsaber [technabob]

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