It's About Freaking Time: Strap-On Chairs

February 26, 2008


I hate standing. Partly because I'm so portly, but mostly because I bought a pegleg out of the bargain bin at Deadeye Dave's Palace of Prostheses and it chaffs like something fierce. So boy was I excited when I saw these Strap-On Chairs. You strap them on some poor sucker's back or chest, and presto, a comfortable seat. Although I doubt that dude standing in the picture would remain upright for long if I sat in that chair. Of course I never actually would sit in that chair because that would put his privates too close for comfort. The kneeling guy though, I'd sit on that one. His design is better anyways because it's not just a chair, it's transportation.

Put your friends to good use with a Strap-On Chair [dvice]

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