Itch-Free Sleeping Gown Makes Me Wonder

February 6, 2008


There are a number of reasons why one might not get a good night's sleep. At the top of my list are a wife that sleeps too close, two dogs that prevent me from stretching my legs out, and three cats that want to rub their a-holes on my face all hours of the night. Itchiness is a far distant worry. But for those of you that find it at the top of your list, there's Dermasilk. It's a material made into a ridiculous looking outfit that "regulates body temperature and allows skin to breath." Interesting. Yeah, and it's being developed by the Travelodge hotel chain. Whoa, not sleeping there anymore. You sleep in a Travelodge and you get the itchies. Probably from bedbugs and people's you-know-what. And you do know what I mean when I say ‘you-know-what’ don't you? Well think about it -- what do people do in hotel rooms? They eat and leave chip crumbs everywhere. So it's probably chip particulate in the bed that makes you itch.

Sleeping Itch Free [electroplankton]

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