Han Solo In Carbonite Executive Desk Looks So Good I Want To Sit There And Whisper Sweet Nothings Into Han's Frozen Ears

February 22, 2008


Never before has my desk at work looked like such a piece of crap. Oh em gee do I need this Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite desk in a bad, bad way. It was made by Tom Spina Designs for somebody who is much wealthier and cooler than I am. They'll make you one too if you're rich. I'm starting to save today. And by starting to save I mean taking another loan out on the house with the intention of buying one of these, but then blowing it all on strippers and booze. Awesome desk though. And remember, friends don't let friends be asshats.

One more picture after the jump.


Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Desk Reminds You That Someone Has it Worse [gizmodo]

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