Guitar Hero Loses Something During The Move To Pocket Sized Playability

February 20, 2008


Now I'm not saying this 7 ¾” X 3" pocket-sized Guitar Hero game isn't going to be any fun, it's just that, well, damnit, it's not. Okay maybe a little. For a minute. The questionable device has a number of songs from the first two video games and the neck of the guitar (which serves no purpose) folds into the body, so you don't have to worry about it poking a hole in your jewels. They hit shelves early next month for around $15. Just imagine -- how funny will it be when you can ask people if that's a Guitar Hero in their pocket or are they just happy to see you? If you answered not funny at all you're correct.

guitar hero: get in my pocket [technabob]

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