Grabit Pack: Fanny Pack Of The Future

February 11, 2008


I like the look of the Grabit Pack. It looks like some sort of military issue gun holster or something. But it was really designed to hold your cellphone, keys and wallet due to the inevitable Pant Pocket Ban of 2009. You can get both right and left-legged models and they run $28 including shipping. Speaking of left-legged models, I used to date a girl with a pegleg. Not one of those modern prosthetics mind you, I'm talking a straight-up pirate pegleg. I think it was actually from an old dining room table. We made a great match, she and I, seeing how we both had wooden prosthesis. Ah, Pegleg Pam, your Captain Stumpdong misses you.

Two more pictures explaining how to use the device after the jump.



Grabit Pack Product Site

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