Gameboy Bricks Are What They Sound Like

February 4, 2008


Some guy in the Netherlands is making Gameboy shaped bricks. They're bricks that look like Gameboys but can't play Tetris. He's charging €31.30 (~$46) per brick with worldwide shipping included. $46!? You could pave your sidewalk with real Gameboys for cheaper. There's a picture of some glazed ones after the jump, but he doesn't sell them that way -- you have to do it yourself. Just make sure to not to drink any of the glaze if it's lead-based. I know what you're thinking -- who the hell would drink glaze anyways? And the answer to that, my friends, is me.

A picture of some glazed ones, along with a Gameboy sidwalk, after the jump.




Very Well Made Product Page

Thanks to Fez and Sword, which is the way I dress for battle as well, for the tip.

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