Fishtank Looks Like Habitrail, Wicked Bong

February 1, 2008


The Silverfish Aquarium designed by Octopus Studios is a gnarly looking setup for your fishy little friends. Each 60 gallon setup is custom made, costs $3,400, and is allegedly self sufficient. I think they're freaking awesome and I want one so bad. So so bad. Almost as bad as I want to live in a human-sized habitrail. Which I would give both my nuts for. It'd have all kinds of funs stuff like rope swings, ball pits, cargo nets and pools. Man that would be so awesome. And by 'man that would be so awesome' I mean I'm stoned to all hell. But it'd still be awesome even if I wasn't, I think. Oh my god I think I just saw Jesus riding a Vespa.

Hit the jump for a closeup of one of the bubbles.


Fishtank Friday: Fish Arcology [ohgizmo]

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