Fish Forest Fishtanks Are So Freaking Sweet

February 15, 2008


I love aquariums, they're so relaxing. I used to have one in my bedroom until the sound of it started making me piss the bed. However that may be worth it to have the beauty of an Adana Aqua Forest Aquariums bedside. They're amazing. However due the incredible plantlife contained in each, they're difficult to maintain. CO2 and fertilizer must be added to the tank, along with grow lights and a special filter system. I think this type of system might also limit the type of fish you can put in the tank, as I only saw tetras in the pictures (I could be wrong about this). All I know is that I want one yesterday. Unfortunately my cats would have a field day with the open top design. I learned this the hard way with the open top mouse cage I used to have.

RIP Professor Squeak, Squeakers, Cheddar, Cheerio, Mighty, Danger, Red Eyes, Mickey, Minnie, Pikachu, Stich, Whiskers, Jujube, Kitty Food, Rascal and Cheeky. You're missed dearly.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the awesome aquariums, along with a link to their gallery that is a must see if you like there. And no, I've never actually had any pet mice. Those beady eyed bastards scare the shit out of me.





Adana Gallery
Fish Forests [ohgizmo]

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