Ferrari Pedal Car Looks Fast, Probably Isn't

February 11, 2008


Berg Toys will be selling these Ferrari FXX inspired pedal cars starting next month. Standard models will go for $730, and Exclusive models will fetch a whopping $2,200 (more than my real car).

It’s got a seven speed transmission, an on-board computer, disc brakes and even semi-slick racing tires with Enzo inspired hubcaps. The exclusive version even has a racing-style bucket seat with a four point harness, a leather steering wheel and an aero kit...

Cool, but I'm going to hold out for the Super Executive model that I just wrote them and told them they should make. It costs $3,000 and comes with a live hooker in the trunk. Of course this thing doesn't have a trunk so you actually have to tow her behind in a Radio Flyer.

Ferrari FXX Pedal Car Almost As Awesome As The Real Thing [ohgizmo]

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