Fan Art Exhitbit Blows, Literally. HAHA AH!

February 15, 2008


Don't worry, I punched myself in the groin for the post title. Scott Snibble's exihbit Blow Up is a neat little POA (piece of art). Basically a person sits at the table and blows into the small fans. Then the large fans across the room replicate the user's breathing patterns. That pattern will be played in a loop until somebody else makes a different one. While certainly cool (!) it's not nearly as awesome as my Punch Up art exhibit. Basically a regular person punches a punching bag, and then a giant amplifies that punch and applies it to your face. It was a huge hit (!) until my giant ran away.

Another picture and a video of the art in action after the jump.


blow up: amplifies art into a windstorm [technabob]

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