Eyeball Stickers: No I Wasn't Sleeping!

February 15, 2008


People (like me) sleep at work, it's a fact. Developing spreadsheets and writing reports is often too daunting a task after a long night of heavy drinking. You need a nap first. To help prevent getting caught sleeping (and the subsequent unemployment) are these eyeball stickers. You simply stick them on your eyelids and sleep away. Be sure to shave off your eyelashes for the full effect. I think this is brilliant. True ingenuity at its finest right here folks. While I don't have the stickers, I'm going to draw some on and see how it goes. I'll update and let you know if it worked.

UPDATE: It didn't. Apparently these aren't as convincing when you're caught under the desk with a pillow and blanket.

Eyelid Stickers Let You Sleep At Work [techeblog]

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