Dubai Building World's Tallest Arch Bridge

February 11, 2008


They do things differently in Dubai. They like their stuff bigger, taller, and more expensive than anywhere else. So it only makes sense that construction of the world's tallest arch bridge begins next month. The bridge will peak at 670 feet, have 12 lanes of traffic, and handle up to 2,000 vehicles per hour. Scheduled completion is slated for 2012, after $817 million in construction. Nice, Dubai, nice. You may soon own almost every single Guinness World Record, but you won't own one -- world's biggest drinker. I own that one, and I won't give it up easily. As a matter of fact I already had a whole bottle of Jack Daniels for breakfast. Literally, the whole bottle, glass and all. It's gonna suck to pass, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

World's tallest arch bridge being built in Dubai next month [dvice]

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