Don't Push That Button: Rent Or Lease Your Very Own Underground Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Base. Who's With Me?

February 7, 2008


So who wants to go halvsies (or thirdies/fourthies/etc.) with me? I've always wanted an underground missile base from which I could rule the world throw wicked rave parties. For rent or lease is the former Larson Air Force Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility in Washington state. Prices start at $495/month for a 1200 sq. ft floor in the equipment terminal building and go up to $1,500/month for an entire missile silo (160' tall, 44' in diameter, 150 ton doors). I'm thinking we'll go for a silo. It also says that they'll remodel to suit, so maybe we can get some work done before moving in. Like painting over the tags that vagrants have spraypainted everywhere (see pictures after jump). I'm calling right now to see if any missiles are included, and if so then I'm putting down a security deposit immediately. So anybody that's down to move to Washington state and live in a missile silo with me should leave a note in the comments. It's going to be way fun. And lonely. So bring board games. Winner gets to push the launch button.

Several pictures of what non-paying tenants (aka squatters) have done to the place after the jump.





eBay Auction
Missile Base Website

Thanks to Erin, who I would live in an underground missile base with any day, for the tip

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