Cleopatra Would Have Dug The Pyramid Car

February 19, 2008


The "Dream Car" is an electric vehicle built by a father and son team. It's shaped like a pyramid. The name of the father responsible for the car is Greg Zanis, his two sons are Chris and Greg. A pyramid is defined as "A solid figure with a polygonal base and triangular faces that meet at a common point." This vehicles weighs over 8,000 pounds and has 80 batteries that power its 4 engines. It can go 45 mph, has a range of 80 miles, and recharges in about 4 hours. It cost $60,000 to build and doesn't have airbags. What is does have is awesome neon lighting (see picture after jump) and sweet pyramidal styling.

Did I mention it looks like a UFO? And obviously when I say UFO I mean UDO because it isn't flying. I bet Chris and Greg can't wait until they get to take their dates to prom in this thing. They're never getting laid! EVER EVER EVER! If a dove flies by a diamond the size of a bowling ball and brushes it with its wing ever so slightly once every 1,000 years then when the diamond is finally worn down to nothing they'll still be 40 trillion year old virgins. Just kidding, I commend the boys and their father on an awesome project.

Check out the sweet neon and a video after the jump.


Thanks to the never not cool Sebastian for the tip.

Father and Son Team Build "Dream Car" EV Prototype [treehugger]

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