C-3PO Papercraft Looks Good, Strung Out. I Could Never Make It In A Million Years

February 29, 2008


This week's earlier Papercut Art really got me thinking about paper in a bad way. Needless to say I've been looking up Papercraft stuff since then and wishing I was more patient and skilled with my hands. But alas, God gave me club-hands and they're good for very little but playing Whac-A-Mole without the mallet. At least I can still look at these marvels of paper. Well, not technically, since I was born with peg-eyes. My girlfriend describes them to me though, and they sound super awesome. Except I can't really hear because God forgot to cut out my ear-holes, so she just punches me in Morse-code. You know, sometimes I wonder if life could get any better.

Three more cool Papercrafts after the jump, one of K-3PO (C-3's bastard cousin), one of the Links from 4 Swords, and a really clever one from Paper Gear Solid (which might be considered cardboardcraft).





Thanks to Richard, who, as always, is awesome beyond belief

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