Bravit Candle Is Neat, Expensive, Romantic

February 21, 2008


The Bravit Candle was created by Christoph Van Bommel. Basically you light the main wick, and then the flame can split and take different wick paths, sometimes with as many as 5 going at once. They cost anywhere from $80 - $170 depending on the size. The actual wick structure was "inspired from the molecular structure of cholesterol" and the candles were "specially designed for long romantic dinners, as the light can last up to 5 hours." Ah yes, the cholesterol inspired romantic dinner candle. I'll tell you what, I find cholesterol so romantic. Cholesterol and heart attacks both really get me in the mood.

Bravit, The Multi-flame Candle [cribfashion]

Thanks to Brendan, who knows how to wine and dine the ladies, for the tip

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