Brass Knuckles Mug Is Not Actually Brass

February 4, 2008


Where I work we have a coffee social every morning from 10 - 10:30 a.m. Seeing as how I try to do as little work as possible I always take advantage of this opportunity to escape Cubeville. The only problem is that people try to be social. Listen, I'm there to nurse my hangover and avoid work -- not to hear about how sick your kids are. So maybe Thabto's MUG might help get my point across. Available in both blood stain and butterfly (wtf?) models, the mugs resemble brass knuckles. Except they're ceramic and will probably shatter into your hand if you ever try to punch someone. While I admire where this product was going, I think there's a much better way to let people know how tough you are and that you should be avoided during coffee socials. Two words: territorial pissing. I come down when the social starts, get my coffee, and then urinate in the corner by the vending machines. Nobody comes within eight feet of me. Hell, most people leave altogether. But just to be safe I still wave a knife around.

Brass Knuckle Cups (Part II) - Thabto MUG [trendhunter]

Thanks to Sebastian, who is lucky enough to be able to kill people with a look, for the tip

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