Atari 2600 Cake Is Vintage And Delicious

February 25, 2008


Just a short time ago we featured the Atari 2600 Controller Cake, and now somebody went and made the whole console! Made by Cakes By the Pound in Los Angeles, this thing looks like beautiful retro deliciousness. And for all of you out there that think you're above eating a cake made to look like a 30-year old gaming console, I've got some news for your -- cake is delicious. I don't care if it falls on the floor and your dog picks it up, it's worth prying those jaws open and getting back.

NOTE: I have never eaten a piece of cake after it's been on the floor and a dog has picked it up. That is freaking gross. My girlfriend did though, she's nasty and loves cake more than I do.

One more closeup of the controllers after the jump.


atari 2600 cake is one sweet console [technabob]

Thanks to Rachel, who loves cake like I do, for the tip.

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