Adidas Halo Shoes Are Highly Questionable

February 5, 2008


Adidas is only making 100 pairs of these Halo inspired sneakers. As you can see, they're constructed of black leather, some other material with guns printed on it, and come complete with blue accents. They cost $110. Personally I don't know why they made them. Hardcore gamers like myself don't buy or wear crap like this, we wear slippers. And it takes a real man to admit that. It also takes a real man to admit that you pee in a wastebasket because you refuse to take a break from gaming. Which, uh, I may admit to if enough people agree it makes me a real man.

UPDATE: Girlfriend just caught me peeing in wastebasket. Relationship over. Evidently not real man.

Ugly-Ass Halo Shoes [albotas]

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