You Didn't Go Under?: Iomega Back With REV

January 11, 2008


I thought Iomega went under after my 100MB Zip drive broke and I called them to complain for a few hours about the much needed documents (read: porno) that I now didn't have access to. Well it turns out I was wrong, the company still exists. They were flashing around their new product -- the REV, at the recent CES. "Instead of 100MB, the removable cartridges now hold 70GB and are apparently pretty durable since the read and write heads are housed in the drive itself, with the cartridges containing the data platter." Sound good? Yeah, I'm not getting that excited either. Especially seeing how the unit costs $600 and disks are $70 a pop. I'll just stick to my conventional method of data storage, my own brain. Who needs disks when you have an incredible mind that can remember anything? I can recreate virtually any document or picture at another computer using my incredible memory. Okay, now where's that ENTER key? I know it's here somewhere. Ah yes, there she blows. See -- brainpower baby.

Oh No! Iomega's Zip Drive Is Back! [ohgizmo]

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