Woven Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Is Light

January 9, 2008


The Delta 7 Sports Arantix Mountain Bike features an IsoTruss carbon fiber frame. What the hell is that you ask? Well it's a frame made of hand-woven carbon fiber strands that are then wrapped in Kevlar and baked. Each one has over 1,672 feet of carbon fiber and takes over 300 hours to build. The resulting pyramidal structure of the frame makes it not only rugged but light -- a measly 2.75 pounds. Which is pretty light. You can get the whole bike for around $12,000 or just the frame for $7,000, but act quick if you want one, because they're only making 200 of them in 2008 due to the time intensive production. I'd totally get one but someone would steal it. My last bike got stolen off the carport and it was a $5 bike from the thriftstore. So I went and got another $10 one and have it sitting out there for the taking. Except this one has a frame packed with dynamite and a remote activator.

Tiny Carbon Fiber Pyramids Used For Lighter & Stronger Bike Frames [ohgizmo]

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