World's Cheapest Car Unveiled, Costs $2,500

January 10, 2008


It's official folks, here comes the world's cheapest car - The Tata Nano. The car was unveiled today at India's largest automotive show and has received much attention. The car is powered by a 2-cylinder, 33 horsepower motor, and has a top speed right around 60 MPH. It has four doors, seats five, has seatbelts but no radio, air conditioning, or airbags, and is basically a deathtrap. However, in a country where "two-wheeled scooters...are often crammed with entire families", it's definitely a step up in the safety department. And for $2,500 it's hard to beat. However I would recommend they change the name if they plan on selling it over here, because where I'm from Tata Nano is slang for a little titty. Like mine. I don't even have to wear a top to the beach I just wear band-aids.

A couple more pictures and a video of the car after the jump.



Tata unveils world's cheapest car [yahoonews]

Thanks to Abraham, who doesn't need a car because he can fly, for the tip

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