Cord Isn't The Only Thing Lacking From Nyko's New Wireless Wii Nunchuck

January 30, 2008


Personally I've never had a problem with the cord attaching the Wii's nunchuk to the Wiimote, but I guess some people just can't stand having any cords. So if you don't want to wait for the wireless nunchuk that actually replaces your existing one you can get this mammoth. It's a wireless base you place the chuk in and wrap the cord around. It also has the added benefit of taking 2 AAA batteries. It costs $20 and I can't believe they actually decided to make it. I mean it's awful. Almost as awful as the hangover I'm nursing from last night's karaoke binge, but with less puking and swearing I'll never drink again.

Nyko Wireless Nunchuk Makes Me Want A Wired One [albotas]

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