Why?: Blender Sports Functional Tachometer

January 3, 2008


The L'Equip R.P.M. Blender costs $134 and has a functional tachometer in the base. Because let's face it, a smoothie made at the wrong RPM will taste like ass. The unit is powered by a 900-watt motor and has a turn-knob capable of adjusting revolutions per minute from 500 to 20,000. This is great because I think everything should come with a tachometer. Like the one I installed here on my desk chair. Let's see, right now it's reading 0, which is typical. One time last week my a-hole coworkers were feeling mean and spun me around until it read 100 and I started puking. They thought it was funny, but it wasn't. I got the last laugh though, because I killed their families.

L'Equip R.P.M. Blender Includes Working Tachometer [ohgizmo]

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