Welcome To Macintosh: The Documentary

January 29, 2008


Well it appears that 2008 is going to be the year of the Apple documentary. Last week I mentioned the upcoming MacHeads The Movie, and now comes Welcome To Macintosh. It looks a little less fanatical than MacHeads. There's a trailer and teaser out, but I could only find the teaser on Youtube, so I have it posted after the jump. The trailer is the good one though, so you'll have to follow the link on the next page to watch that sucker, but it's worth it. Best line in the whole video, from an Apple employee:

The people on the outside think that it's like this wonderful World of Oz or Disney going on and all of us are just all these brilliant, amazing, happy people and like, it's not, it's like a sausage factory man -- you really don't want to know how this stuff happens.

Oh my god! He said Apple was a sausage factory! I can't believe it. I'm totally pulling the job application I submitted. I can't take a job in that kind of environment. It'd be like the college party I went to last weekend. Tons of dudes, no chicks -- a total sausage factory. Way suck.

The teaser video after the jump. Hit the link at the bottom to see the trailer (with sausage factory comparison).

Welcome To Macintosh Trailer

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