Voltaic Generator Bag Charges Your Laptop

January 15, 2008


The Voltaic Generator is a laptop charging bag that Voltaic Systems is rolling out this spring.

The solar panel generates up to 14.7 watts, powerful enough to fully charge a typical laptop from a day of direct sunlight. The included battery pack efficiently stores the equivalent of a typical laptop charge and automatically delivers the required output voltages.

The bag is capable of holding a laptop up to 17" and is made out of recycled PET plastics. It will make you feel good for being a little greener. It will also make you feel poor for costing $599. Now many of you know how green I am (only peeing in the sink/shower), but I just can't afford a $600 laptop charger that only works in nice weather when you're outside or by a window. What I can afford is a $1.00 burger off the value menu. Well, almost -- I'm still $0.60 short.

Voltaic Generator: Your Portable Gadgets Messiah [bornrich]

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