Virgin Galactic Flashes Its Spacecans For Us

January 23, 2008


Virgin Galactic recently showed off the spaceships that will take rich passengers into sub-orbit starting as early as next year. The ships will take off from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The picture above just shows the spaceship -- SpaceShip Two, but White Knight Two, which is a plane, is required to get the spaceship high enough to launch itself into space (pictures after the jump). The plane is near completed, and the spaceship is approximately 60% done. A trip will cost you about $200,000 -- which is pretty steep. For that kind of money they better give you more than a bag of peanuts and can of ginger ale for the flight. For $200,000 I'd expect at least a Burger King Value Meal. Upsized -- and with a shake for no extra cost.

UPDATE: Video added.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures of the ships and their construction, along with a video.







Virgin Galactic Unveils Spaceships That'll Take Passengers Up in 2009 [gizmodo]

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