USB Eye Warmer Keeps Your Peepers Toasty

January 2, 2008


This product is a dream come true. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself "Jesus my eyes are cold, if I don't warm those bitches up they'll freeze right out of their sockets". And then along comes Brando (surprise, surprise) to the rescue with the USB Eye Warmer ($15).

Just put up the USB Eye Warmer, it can warm up your eyes and help you to get rid of tired. It not only relaxes your eyes but also comforts your entire body.

So it helps you get rid of tired. I assume they mean tired eyes and not tired body, because that dude in the picture is passed the f*** out. Which would indicate it doesn't get rid of being tired at all. Still, any USB device that makes me fall asleep at work is okay in my book.

Note: Seeing how this thing is made by Brando it's not recommended you use the 'high' setting unless you're fine with the unit catching fire and burning your face off. Just kidding, I'm sure it's safe.

USB Eye Warmer [7gadgets]

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