Tiny Bluetooth Adapter Will Get Lost Easily

January 22, 2008


Brando, maker of some of the best products of the century is actually producing a product with some use -- the ultra-tiny USB Bluetooth Adapter. The unit "allows for a working range of more than 10 meters, with a 723 Kbps data rate transmission." They run $24 and are very small. But don't worry -- while it is tiny, you'll still be able to locate the device in the dryer by the noise it makes while it bounces around in there. And on a completely unrelated note, this picture just gave me the idea for a great "get rich quick" scheme. You know what I'm thinking don't you? That's right, I'm going to print a million copies of this picture and pass the pennies off as real ones. Brilliant, I know. I certainly didn't get this "Good Eater" award because I'm stupid.

Penny-Sized Bluetooth Adapter Is World's Smallest [techeblog]

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