The World Is Doomed, Head For The Hills

January 25, 2008


Dan Bloom thinks the world is screwed. Who is Dan Bloom you ask? Some scientist or expert on global warming? No, he's a writer that doesn't own a computer and lives in Taiwan teaching English. Proving it doesn't take a scientist to believe Mother Earth is packing up her bags and calling it quits. Dan is also the one that came up with the idea for these awesome Polar Cities. Basically he thinks that in no longer than 500 years (and possible way sooner) the world's population will be decimated and only a few hundred million people will survive in these specially-designed cities in the Arctic.

Well damn, Dan, way to put a damper on my usual 'Get Drunk and Watch The Price Is Right' Friday ritual. Screaming at the idiotic contestants really lost its luster with this depressing news. Oh my god you better bid $601 or I swear I'll kill you! Oh you lost? Really? Well maybe it's because YOU'RE A BONEHEAD ASSCAP AND DIDN'T BID WHAT I TOLD YOU TO. Jesus the people are stupid today. It's like half-wit vs. quarter-wit day on The Price Is Right. I bet these are the same morons responsible for destroying the damn planet. God I hate them so much.

A few more pictures of the conceptual cities after the jump, in case you're building a sweet Habitrail for your gerbils and want to use them for reference.





CLIMATE CHANGE: Northward Ho? [ipsnews]

Polar City Illustrations

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