The LapDome Should Have Never Been Made

January 17, 2008


The LapDome is a tent for your laptop so you can see the screen when you're computing in places you shouldn't be. They run $30 - $80 depending on which ridiculous model you choose and are totally not worth every cent. My rule of thumb for laptop use is as follows: if you can't see the screen you should close the laptop and enjoy the outdoors. I mean that couple in the picture is at a nice pool with a diving board. What kind of damn fool uses a laptop by the pool when you could be playing that game where someone throws a beach ball and you jump off the diving board and try to catch it. I mean that shit is fun. Way fun. Just make sure there's water in the pool first. Trust me. R.I.P. "Pool Games" Pete.

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Thanks to Anna, who is sexy as hell, for the tip

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