Thanks Grandma!: Zelda Quilt Slays My Heart

January 10, 2008


Carolina Patchworks, who was also responsible for the Galaga quilt featured a month ago, went and outdid themselves with a sweet Zelda quilt. It's weird just yesterday I was wanting a pair of Zelda shoes, and now I'm wanting a Zelda quilt. As you can see Link is about to get blasted in the head by a Octorok. The Darknut is there because the bottom part is supposed to resemble a dungeon level. The 64" square quilt costs $475 and is available on Etsy if you have that kind of money. I don't, so I'm stuck with the Link I drew on my stained bedsheet with magic marker. I mean it's pretty good, but he tends to smear whenever I wet the bed.

A close-up of Link after the jump.


the legend of zelda and the quilt of power [technabob]

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