Sky Commuter Flying Car Sells On eBay

January 14, 2008


Want you get your hands on a flying vehicle? Well you may have to settle for a Moller craft, because by the time this gets posted an auction for the last Sky Commuter Prototype test craft that remains in existence today will be over. And I apologize for that in case you were going to bid, but let's be honest, you weren't. There was a lot of activity in the last half hour of the auction though, with a bidder raising the price from $60,000 to $131,700. I was skeptical because that bidder had 0 feedback. Then I realized it was me.

The development of this advanced technology and project started back in the mid 1980's. Design and engineering was created by Boeing engineer's in Arlington Washington. Some 60 investors and well over $6,000.000.00 in R&D and production yielded only (3) concept test ships before the plant was shut down for reasons not listed here. The sad end was all and anything that was in the hangar was taken and or destroyed. This sole example of this technology, Advancements and investments are present and was saved in this single craft. The ship was not at the base location at the time or it to would have been destroyed.

Damn that's f'ed up, destroying flying vehicles. What in the hell is the matter with these people? I'd eat my own right arm for a flying car, and there are people out there just trashing them. That makes me sick. And so does this cereal I'm eating. Well it's not so much cereal as pasta shells and bourbon, but I figured it'd still be good. It's definitely not.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and a link to the (now over) auction.





Thanks to Antonio, who is way handsome and totally cool, for the tip

eBay Auction

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