SkullCandy Headphones Feature MP3 Player

January 14, 2008


SkullCandy, who has been featured here before, was showing off a new product at the recent CES -- Double Agent headphones that have an SD slot and incorporated MP3 player. The units are rechargeable, take any size SD card, and are controlled with the buttons on the side of one of the phones. They're supposed to hit streets sometime in March or April, but no word on price. I'm definitely getting a pair to help drown out the demonic voice I hear otherwise. It's awful -- this evil demon tells me to do terrible things like 'the dishes' and 'the laundry'. Once it even made me mow the lawn. I'm really starting to wish I'd never married it.

Double Agent: new headphones with SD card from SkullCandy [ubergizmo]

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