Screw The World: Styrofoam Furniture

January 11, 2008


Kwangho Lee is an artist who decided to make a couch out of Styrofoam. As you can see it looks, uh, like a couch ripped out of a huge block of Styrofoam. He made it by molding large sheets of the stuff together, allegedly from a recycled source. I’m moved, and I really think it makes a powerful statement. A statement about how freaking stupid a couch made out of Styrofoam is. It would be easy to lift though, and Styrofoam does get warmer the longer you sit on it. But it's not worth it. Besides, I already have a couch made out of Styrofoam. Well, it's more just a pile of the old school Big Mac containers McDonalds used to use. But you could sit in them if you really wanted. Did I mention they smell like complete shit? Because they do. I think there may be some decade-old burgers rotting in there somewhere.

Two more pictures of Styrofoam seating after the jump.



Styrofoam Furniture, One Designer Asks, "Why Not?" [uberreview]

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