RPM-1200 Is Cool, Made Of, Get This -- Junk!

January 9, 2008


Japanese artist Enoki Chu made this fine looking piece of art entirely out of polished metal junk, including drill bits, machine parts, and others. The whole piece looks like a futuristic cityscape and has a diameter of 15 feet and stands 11 feet tall. So it's a pretty good size. It's titled RPM-1200, but I'm renaming it Do Not Sit Here. Because it would hurt if you did. Like real bad. Serious pain. In your rear. Sit on a foam donut for two weeks and sleep face down bad. Like nightmares of a skyscraper up your ass bad.

Two more pictures after the jump, including a closer-up one.



Junk City looks straight out of The Fifth Element 2 [dvice]

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