RoomWizard Meeting Room Scheduler Is Iffy

January 11, 2008


The RoomWizard is a $2,000+ piece of crap. It sits outside a conference room and lets you know if the room is in use. You can use the touchscreen to reserve the room, view the upcoming schedule, or try to break it by punching the thing while wearing a heavy ring. Red and green LEDs let you know if the room is in use, and the thing can be accessed via the computer at your desk and synced with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. Wow, all this for over $2,000. It's a deal too good to be passed up. Screw using a big piece of posterboard with a pen taped to a fork taped to a string taped to the wall for room signups. That is so analog. That is also so the way we do things around there. Except I hang a sock on the doorknob too, to let people know when I'm having a very special meeting. You know, one with the boss's secretary my wife during her lunchbreak a potted plant. You know, the slutty one that used to hang out by the water cooler.

RoomWizard Scheduler For Busy Offices [ohgizmo]

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