Roadkill Cooker: The Exhaust Burger Grill

January 23, 2008


You stuff the one of the open ends of the Exhaust Burger into your tailpipe, and then drive around while the heat of your exhaust cooks a burger. I know exactly what you're thinking -- "why didn't I think of that?". I'll admit I was a little miffed I didn't come up with it either. It was actually designed by an Iranian team (amazing it took a team of people to develop and not just one drunk scribbling on a bar napkin) and no fumes actually come in contact with your burger (allegedly). The hot exhaust fumes just warm up the metal to cook the meat. However it looks like it only heats one side, so you may have to stop at a gas station and flip you meat. Now I've heard of cooking on a hot engine before, but never cooking by exhaust. And I must say, I think this invention is a glimpse of a very bright future. And by 'bright future' I mean what the hell is the matter with these people.

Another picture of the device installed in a tailpipe after the jump.


Tailgate Dining - The Exhaust Cooked Burger [trendhunter]

Thanks to Sebastian, who can cook meals with his laserbeam eyes, for the tip

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