RGBy 3.0 Isn't What I Thought It Was

January 2, 2008


At first I thought the RGBy 3.0 was a new robotic doctor for women's privates, but it turns out I couldn't have been further from the truth. It's actually a little puck that changes its hue to the dominant color of whatever it's sitting on is, kind of like this art exhibit. Mongoose Studio, the Japanese company responsible for the product, will be releasing the little bastards later this year, for an as-of-yet undisclosed price. I know I'll be first in line -- just think of the applications for such a device! There's, uh, setting it on a table, and, um, setting it on other things. And then there's a fun game I just invented in my head right now where you try to trick it by putting it on a difficult color to identify and then making fun of it for not getting it right. Kind of like I did in the video when they set it on green (at 0:32) and it turns bluish. Haha, you stupid little color changing puck, you so dumb! This is what I do to make myself feel better about my worthless existence. And it doesn't even work very well.

Video after the jump.

rgby color-sensing tech goes portable [technabob]

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